March 1, 2019 Version 1.0.1

  • We have developed a much more intuitive method to manage the custom banners, such as “Featured Category” banners on the homepage and the “SideNav banner”. All will be manageable through your Theme Editor. No longer will you need to edit any HTML within your banners in the dashboard. That area will only apply to your top & bottom banners as intended by BigCommerce. You will have the ability to manage the number of columns ranging from (1-5) for the Featured Banners on the homepage, freedom to upload images of your choosing, name the banners, and link them to where ever you would like, including external website links. In addition, there will be an option to open external links within a new tab so not to bounce traffic away from your site. Another feature will include the ability to enter data for your custom banners and toggle them on and off with a checkbox as you see fit. All data will remain intact so that you may easily toggle them back on when needed. There will be independent toggles for the Home Page Featured Banners, and the SideNav Featured Banner. Last but not least, the names of your banners will be used within alt and title tags for SEO and Accessibility optimization. All of this will be available through your Pinnacle theme editor.
  • All variation body widths set to default 1170px to optimize space.
  • Option to remove Visa Checkout logo payment option added within Theme Editor.
  • Left and Center align main navigation option now functions properly within Theme Editor.
  • Product card image overlay has been lightened to opacity 50%
  • When Quickview is disabled, overlay will not appear on hover and image will be clickable to open product page.
  • Fix for Showcase products on homepage when there are no Featured Products flagged and when “In-tabs-in-carousels” is active.