Pinnacle Release Notes

September 16, 2019 Version 1.0.5

BigCommerce jQuery Update Request

  • Updated jQuery reference calls to version 3.4.1.
  • Eliminated all hard-coded jQuery references (duplicates & unnecessary) with the exception of the footer, as it is currently required within our theme due to js handlebars statements within the footer that rely on custom jQuery. However, this script call has been updated to version 3.4.1.
  • Updated call to 3.4.1:
  • Updated call to 3.4.1:

BigCommerce Bug Report

  • THEME-1783: Fix for: Styling missing from customer printed invoice. Updated template file: templates/pages/account/order/invoice.html with the following code on line 2:
    {{#partial “head”}}
    {{{ stylesheet ‘/assets/css/invoice.css’ }}}
  • THEME-1783: Fix for: Logo Does Not Display on Mobile Devices Using Firefox. Added rule to style sheet on line 23,301 that targets browsers below 800px and increases the z-index. .header-logo {
    z-index: 999 !important;}
  • THEME-1821: Fix for: Error text missing from reorder flow if no products are selected. Updated files: templates/account/order-contents.html & templates/account/orders-list.html & all files within templates/pages/account with PartsWarehouse Version 2.1.7 files.
  • THEME-1821: Fix for: Google Captcha challenge loading behind product review modal (Firefox & Safari). I was only able to replicate in Safari, but adjusted the z-index on line 16137 and this corrected the issue.
  • THEME-1811: Fix for: Product Option Rules to Show a Different Image Do Not Work Consistently. Once an option rule changes the image, you can now click back to a thumbnail image and it will load selected image and can be zoomed. You can then re-select another option change rule and it will activate that image rule which can be zoomed as well. Used same jQuery code fix from PW version 2.1.6
  • THEME-1805: Fix for: Related product pricing is overwritten for products with variants. Related products section cannot be within the div with the class of productView. Moved related-products-container out of productView div. Removed from template file: template/components/product-view.html and placed within both template files: templates/components/page/product-page-no-sidenav.html & templates/components/page/product-page-with-sidenav.html.
  • THEME-1761: Fix for: (Mobile) Show Details link on UCO expands modal outside display. Modal overlay styling adjusted for positioning and z-index within optimized-checkout.scss.
  • THEME-1780: Fix for: Pinnacle – Inconsistent nav bar behavior between mobile devices. Added specific style rules for iPhone x & iPad landscape orientation to pinnacle.scss & optimzed-checkout.scss.
  • THEME-1744: Fix for: Pinnacle Impact – Carousel Arrow Icons. Hero Carousel arrows will now appear in IE. CSS rules added to assets/scss/components/vendor/slick/_slick.scss.
  • THEME-1772: Fix for: AMP error on product page “tag ‘amp-iframe’ requires including the ‘amp-iframe’ extension JS”. Replicated the provided example product and confirmed the amp test did not validate on version 1.0.4. After updating all amp files from the latest Cornerstone version 4.1.0, the same product validated using the amp test.
  • THEME-1838: Issue: Category List View displays inline styling with the product description. I have not been able to replicate this issue. This page on our demo store has a product that has inline styling that does not have this issue in list view: It is this product: Red Line Torque Converter.
  • THEME-1815: Issue: Search suggest” still suggests regardless of setting being toggled off. I have not been able to replicate this issue by toggling product filtering and search suggest off, then searcing products unrelated to the store I don’t get search suggest.

Fixes & Updates per Customer Requests

  • Fix for broken SideNav banner img link when pathing goes deeper than one level. Leading “..” removed. Files updated: templates/components/custom/category-sidenav.html, templates/components/custom/brand-sidenav.html, templates/components/custom/search-results-sidenav.html, templates/components/custom/sidenav.html
  • Fix for no sidenav images showing when activated. Files updated: templates/components/brand/sidebar.html, templates/components/category/sidebar.html, templates/components/search/sidebar.html
  • Fix for Recent Blog Post on homepage intermittently not loading into slider. Adjusted timing of jQuery slider on recent posts on the homepage. This is dependent upon how quickly items load in this div. Internet speed and server response time will influence results. Further adjustments may need to be made, but after much testing we are not experiencing this issue any longer.
  • New Theme Editor options added for independent control of Newsletter Popup colors. Now all colors within the popup can be changed to match your branding. Found here: Newsletter Popup.
  • New Theme Editor options added for independent control of Mobile menu parent links & Mobile menu submenu links. Found Here: Mobile. Along with these new settings we have added targeted styling for iPad Landscape view to correct mobile menu font colors.
  • Fix for review link functionality: Clicking the “Write a Review” link in quickview will open the product page and automatically open the Review modal. Clicking the “Write a Review” link on the product page will no longer scroll down to the tabs but instead open the Review modal. Clicking the (# reviews) link on the product page will scroll down to the tabs and open the “Reviews” tab.
  • Cleaned up text alignment in Product Reviews tab section
  • Fix for Reviews pagination in tab. Page will now scroll down to the tabs after pagination
  • Removed h1 tag from logo in file header.html
  • New Theme Editor option to toggle off & on Brands visibility in the mobile menu. Found here: Mobile.
  • Adjusted line height for SideCategory links that are more than one line
  • Shipping & Returns link within footer is now completely customizable. Within the Theme Editor, store owners can now configure the link name, link url, and toggle visibility. New Theme Editor Settings can be found here: Footer > Accounts & Orders.
  • Existing Theme Editor option for Sitemap link will now toggle both sitemap links that are in the “Accounts & Orders” column of the footer as well as the bottom Credits Bar
  • IE-11 Fix for main product image on product page extending beyond the width of container. Added css rule to assets/scss/pinnacle.scss. Line 18226.
  • Fix for product card image not displaying on hover on category pages when setting for 2nd image is disabled. Edited file: card.html.
  • Fix for Blog Feed and Brands slider not displaying when all showcase products are disabled on the home page. Added jQuery to footer to check if all showcase products are disabled.
  • Quickview will now have thumbnail images and hover zoom effect on main image. Written reviews now also display in Reviews tab in quickview.

Internal Design Improvements

  • “Save to Wishlist” button padding adjusted to appear more uniform.
  • Increased the font-size on “Add to Cart” buttons within “Related Products” section on the product page.
  • Decreased padding “white-space” between the product name the reviews within the “Related Products” section on the product page.
  • Reverted price.html file to correct code markup visiblility on product page for pricing.
  • Reverted price.html file to correct extra pricing visiblity on product cards.
  • Added IE specific CSS to fix color background/float issue on category page body.
  • Added Theme Editor Options to display Brand and/or SKU on product cards, along with options to display each with 1 or two lines. Found here: Products > Product cards > Card Info Display Settings.

April 15, 2019 Version 1.0.4

  • Fix for alignment issue within brands section of Mega Nav dropdown due to float not being cleared
  • The animated underscore for the Mega Nav flyout will now be the primary theme color to match the rest of your theme settings
  • Sticky Nav: removed color background animation on main nav when sticky nav is disabled.

April 10, 2019 Version 1.0.3

  • Sticky Nav: We have added a Sticky Nav to Pinnacle that both looks and works amazingly. There is an option to toggle this off/on within the Theme Editor.
  • Mega Shop Nav: We have cleaned up the alignment issues when activating the subcategory images within the flyout. In addition we have re-worked the Mega Shop Nav to drastically increase the usability. We have added pagination to both the drop-down and the flyout to accommodate for stores with lots of categories. There are settings within the Theme Editor to customize the following:
    1. Input your own custom text for the Mega Nav Name
    2. Input your own custom text for the Sticky Mega Nav Name
    3. Show/Hide NavPages in Sticky Mega Nav
    4. Options for 2 & 3 Category Levels deep
    5. Show/Hide Brands in Primary DropDown
    6. Show/Hide Subcategory Images in Flyout
    7. Options to adjust the number of Categories per page within the Primary Dropdown
    8. Options to adjust the number of Second-level Categories per page within the Flyout
    9. Pagination numbered dots will automatically generate according to your total number of categories & the per page settings you choose

March 27, 2019 Version 1.0.2

  • Wishlist in topMenu & footer will automatically be hidden if store settings for the wishlist are disabled.
  • Lazy Load added to product card images, including both grid & list view items.
  • Cleanup and XSS fix on Cart page. Using affected files from Cornerstone 3.2.2, including: templates/components/cart/content.html, templates/components/cart/preview.html, templates/pages/account/add-return.html.
  • Text entered for Hero Carousel Content will appear as entered concerning capitalization.
  • Custom JavaScript removed from paginator.html for AMP compliance
  • Fancybox & Product Options: If main product image is set to update on product option selection the fancybox zoomed image will now appear as that selected option.
    Going back & selecting product options after clicking the thumbnails will now update the option image if set up properly.
  • Fancybox now has image alt & title tags.
  • Documentation link revised in config.json file to:
  • Instagram link revised in schema.json file to:
  • Theme Editor option “Primary Color” will now update the animated underline borders for the Mega Nav & the tabs throughout the theme. Can be found here: Global > Global Colors > Primary Color
  • New Theme Editor options to completely customize your Side Navigation colors, including Collapsed, Hover, & Active states for fonts and background-colors with independent controls for TopLevel & SubLevel categories.
  • New Theme Editor Side Navigation options for independent control of the font-size of the third level subcategories and 4th Level+ subcategories.
  • Slight indentation added to third & fourth-level+ subcategories within the SideNav.
  • Corrected vertical alignment of control arrows within Brands Carousel on home page.
  • Product Card heights will be set to (height:auto) for 800px and below in order to eliminate wasted space of product cards on mobile devcies. (code was originally written to maximize product image sizes for desktop when using wider layouts, and code needed to be written on mobile in order to account for that.)
  • Google AMP: We have updated our theme to contain the latest amp files from Cornerstone 3.2.2. In addition I have removed any JavaScript that is not allowed in other files. If problems persist we may need to open a support ticket with BigCommerce on individual basis.
  • Checkout overlay fix when incorrect Credit Card information is entered that pertains to the exp. date and/or CVV number. This was a z-index issue. The overlay will still exist but the popup to close it will be on top of the overlay and clickable. BC THEME-1747
  • All links within a carousel are now clickable. This was a very recent development within Chrome only. BC THEME-1745

March 1, 2019 Version 1.0.1

  • We have developed a much more intuitive method to manage the custom banners, such as “Featured Category” banners on the homepage and the “SideNav banner”. All will be manageable through your Theme Editor. No longer will you need to edit any HTML within your banners in the dashboard. That area will only apply to your top & bottom banners as intended by BigCommerce. You will have the ability to manage the number of columns ranging from (1-5) for the Featured Banners on the homepage, freedom to upload images of your choosing, name the banners, and link them to where ever you would like, including external website links. In addition, there will be an option to open external links within a new tab so not to bounce traffic away from your site. Another feature will include the ability to enter data for your custom banners and toggle them on and off with a checkbox as you see fit. All data will remain intact so that you may easily toggle them back on when needed. There will be independent toggles for the Home Page Featured Banners, and the SideNav Featured Banner. Last but not least, the names of your banners will be used within alt and title tags for SEO and Accessibility optimization. All of this will be available through your Pinnacle theme editor.
  • All variation body widths set to default 1170px to optimize space.
  • Option to remove Visa Checkout logo payment option added within Theme Editor.
  • Left and Center align main navigation option now functions properly within Theme Editor.
  • Product card image overlay has been lightened to opacity 50%
  • When Quickview is disabled, overlay will not appear on hover and image will be clickable to open product page.
  • Fix for Showcase products on homepage when there are no Featured Products flagged and when “In-tabs-in-carousels” is active.