Recommended Image Sizes

We’ve put together general recommendations for creating and uploading imagery to your theme. The numbers below indicate width by height in pixels (px). If only the width is specified the height can be any number. Please note that using larger image sizes than what is recommended below or not optimizing your images properly will increase the loading time of your store.

Store Logo


Carousel Banners

Vault is equipped with a full width hero slider. We would suggest the recommended size for the carousel is either 1400*600px or 1280*550px.Use the BigCommerce carousel functionality to add text and a button to your slides for a fully responsive design.

Home Featured Banners

This theme comes with the ability to add “home featured banners”. The home featured banners allow you to add up to 6 pre-positioned images to your homepage. Choose between 1 and 2 columns for each section.

Home Upper Banners – Appear below carousel

Home Mid Banners – Appear between featured and most popular products

Home Lower Banners – Appear below below most popular products & above newsletter signup

1 Column – 1 centered banner. Up to 1170px wide for full body width.

2. Column – 2 banners half the size of the body width. Create each banner 568px for optimal viewing on mobile and desktop

Product Images

BigCommerce recommends product images at 1000x1000px. 

Category Images

BigCommerce recommends category images at least 267x267px.