Thank you for choosing Lone Star Templates. BigCommerce provides extensive documentation on editing your stencil theme. For in-depth guides on customizing your stencil theme visit the following BigCommerce links.

BigCommerce Support Center
Editing Stencil Theme Files
Editing Files using Stencil CLI
Adding Custom Scripts
BigCommerce Video Tutorials

Lone Star Templates cannot provide support for themes that have been downloaded and customized. We will not be held liable for any defects or bugs that arise due to customization by a third party.  Also, please note that while we make a theme’s source code available to those who have purchased it, we retain the rights to all theme designs. You are not permitted to upload a derived theme to any theme marketplace (whether BigCommerce’s or third-party), nor sell it in any form whatsoever. By downloading and/or altering a Lone Star Template, you continue to be bound to our Terms & Conditions.