How do we get the latest version updates applied to our customized copy version of the theme?

Once the theme has been modified from it’s original version, it’s not available for support or automatic theme updates out of the control panel. If you want to always have the latest version, you would need to re-apply any customizations each time you update the base theme.

What sections have the option to change colors?

Almost all of theme. The site background, grey bars, newsletter, footer colors, icon colors, borders, drop down menu’s, hover colors, can all be changed. It’s very flexible.

How do I display the category images?

For subcategory images to appear on a parent category page, you must upload category images to all subcategories. For example, if you have Air Conditioning as a parent category you would upload images to all sub-categories beneath the Air Conditioning parent category.

How can I add, remove, or change the tabs on the product page?

You’re not able to add, remove, or edit the names of the product tabs from the product pages without some customization to your product page template files.

How do you add custom JavaScript to the template?

You can add custom scripts through the control panel in BigCommerce without having to edit your template files.

Can I add advanced product filtering to my site?

Parts Warehouse is compatible with BigCommerce faceted search.

Does the theme adjust the sizes of the pictures to make them appear the same?

Yes. The images will stay in a grid.

Is it possible to remove the brands Box?

The shop by brand can be removed. You can disable it in the theme editor under Landing Page.

Can you change the order of the brands listed in the “Brands” List?

The brands list order is determined by the number of products from that brand, highest to the least amount. This is a characteristic of BigCommerce.

Can I use Parts Warehouse on Shopify?

Parts Warehouse is only on BigCommerce

Am I able to choose what quick links I want to appear in the footer or is it automatically pre-populated?

By default the Quick links in the footer will mirror what’s in the top navigation. It will require a small amount of custom code to hide the pages from the top navigation or the footer.

Is it possible to purchase and activate your theme and try it for a few days.

BigCommerce does not issue refunds on premium themes purchased from the Theme store. See section 12.2 BigCommerce Theme Marketplace terms.